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Optimized Mastering to Upgrade Your Sound

What is Optimized Mastering? Optimized Mastering is a modern take on mastering that approaches your music differently. Its purpose is to optimize your music for every release platform therefore upgrading your sound and bringing your production to the next level.

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What are the benefits of Optimized Mastering?



No presets. No shortcuts. Your music will be mastered from the ground up by a seasoned mastering engineer to match the quality of iconic bands/artists in your genre.


In contrast to the one-size-fits all approach of traditional mastering, we give you multiple files - all uniquely mastered to fit your specific music platforms.


Having to pay extra for what is no longer optional is a disservice to you. We give you the masters you need to reward your listeners no matter what platform they are using.


Hi, my name is Sam Striker and I master music that get's heard.

If the way we listen to music has completely changed over the past 10 years, why are we still mastering like it's 2009?

If our music was recorded and mixed by a person, why are we letting computers master it?


In today's world, choosing how to get your music mastered is a tough decision. Traditional mastering fails to keep up with the technical standards of ever growing and changing listening platforms, while instant online mastering completely removes the artistic elements and fails to keep the context of your genre and sound in mind.






Sam got my song sounding clean and loud and ready to be bumped. His optimized mastering services were fast and he returned a large selection of masters tailored for my needs. I have my song sounding good on Spotify, but also sounding good on YouTube. That extra care goes a long way- I can rest easy knowing that my song is in good hands. Highly recommend Native Darkness!

I was looking for a mastering engineer that could bring my mix to life. I make rap music with an old school style, and getting the vocals to have the right sound is extremely important. Sam excels in his craft and made the process far quicker and better than I could’ve done myself. It’s hard to put your music into someone else’s hands, but Sam will treat it like it’s his own!

Drew Morgan
Welling Music 
Nelson Ward
Dread Champion

I’ve used a mastering company in the past and it would take days for them to get back to me and I didn’t feel that important to them as a client. I really appreciate the time and quality of work they put into my project. 5 stars from me! Highly recommend!

Sabrina Nicole
Sabrina Toole

We had the opportunity to work with Sam, a true professional in this business. He is upfront, respectful, and will give you a straight forward and honest effort to your work. We can proudly say the mastering services here are solid, well rounded, and what your music needs if you feel like it's missing something...Because you'll find it here with Sam and Native Darkness!

Justin Dowden
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"What is all included and what can I expect?"

  • Free mix critiques.

  • Unlimited mastering revision requests from you. 

  • Turnaround within 3-5 business days.

  • Multiple, uniquely mastered files for your distribution platforms.

"What do you need from me?"

  • Final mixes in WAV or AIFF format​​.

  • Song order (EPs and Full Lengths).


  • $100/song for Singles

  • $70/song for EPs (3-6 songs)

  • $50/song for Full Lengths (7-12 songs)


If you are also in need of mixing services, please send our dedicated mixing engineer an email at

If you need separate instrumental masters or separate radio edit masters, let us know!

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