Sam Striker

Director and mastering engineer

John Wesley

Composer and arranger

Hunter Shaw

Engineer, mixer, and sound designer

Sam and Hunter both began cultivating their passions for music in the mid-2000s. Hunter, being a performing artist in Dallas crossed paths with Sam, who was a full-time producer. Working together they quickly found they had common convictions about the current state and direction of the music industry. After inviting good friend and colleague John on board as the in-house composer, the three of them decided to break away from the mold of mediocrity - and change the process.


They have since brought many projects to life while working with clientele of all sizes. From independent artists, to large-scale video-game developers the goal continues to be making the music creation process fun and enjoyable while helping construct the sound of your brand.


Let’s make what’s in your head come out of your speakers - let’s make music.




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