Stand out. Be heard.

Optimized mastering to upgrade your sound.

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My name is Sam

and I master music that gets heard. 

I believe that mastering is an art and a key process that most overlook.


My portfolio includes projects of all sizes. Major labels, independent bands/artists, AAA video game publishers, and the like.


Above all, I love what I do. And I won't stop until you are 100% satisfied. 

Get a free test master and a quote!

We guarantee a quick turnaround and we never spam! 

We also include mix recommendations and unlimited revisions

What is optimized mastering and why do we use it?

  • One-size-fits-all final product

  • Outdated approach

  • Additional fees for necessary add-on masters 

      (vinyl, MFiT, etc)

  • Fits your music to every release platform

  • Customized sound that stands out

  • Additional add-on masters included free of charge

  • One-size-fits-all final product

  • Mechanical, unartistic approach

  • Monthly subscription needed for necessary features

  • No add-on masters






Sam got my song sounding clean and loud and ready to be bumped. His mastering services were fast and he returned a large selection of masters tailored for my needs. I have my song sounding good on Spotify, but also sounding good on Instagram. That extra care goes a long way- I can rest easy knowing that my song is in good hands. Highly recommend Native Darkness!

I was looking for a mastering engineer that could bring my mix to life. I make rap music with an old school style, and getting the vocals to have the right sound is extremely important. Sam excels in his craft and made the process far quicker and better than I could’ve done myself. It’s hard to put your music into someone else’s hands, but Sam will treat it like it’s his own!

Drew Morgan
Welling Music 
Nelson Ward
Dread Champion

I’ve used a mastering company in the past and it would take days for them to get back to me and I didn’t feel that important to them as a client. I really appreciate the time and quality of work they put into my project. 5 stars from me! Highly recommend!

Sabrina Nicole
Sabrina Toole

We had the opportunity to work with Sam, a true professional in this business. He is upfront, respectful, and will give you a straight forward and honest effort to your work. We can proudly say the mastering services here are solid, well rounded, and what your music needs if you feel like it's missing something...Because you'll find it here with Sam and Native Darkness!

Sam mastered our split EP we recently put out, and he did a fantastic job paying attention to details and finalizing the tracks to be published. This guy knows what he’s doing!!!

Justin Dowden
Days Like This
Alex Rincon
On Better Terms

Some more happy clients